So. Lately I've been thinking about how I'm going to properly write about my self-absorbed and incredibly pretentious interest in social and literary theory. In the past I would unabashedly drop theoretical topics into my posts, and the usual response would be akin to a meaty fist lodging itself into my face.

I learned some lessons. No one wants to read a blog riddled with jargon. Most people don't care about these topics outside of those actually working in this field. Admittedly, the subject is not as glamorous as, say, a blog about a visually-impaired paramedic who moonlights as a circus acrobat-cum-food critic. Rather than boring or alienating anyone, I figured I might as well devote a small space for my thoughts on these subjects. I love them deeply, despite the fact I'm a still a student and not an actual theoretician. Nor will I necessarily become one, either.

Expect frantic writing, poor spelling, long words and confused ideas. I will try to bring the funny. Compared to my other blogs, nothing has really changed.

Okay, so here's my position: I have a strong post-structuralist bent but I'm not wholly committed to completely insulating myself within that particular discourse. I will dance with feminism and post-colonialism. I'm closer to Weber than I am to Marx, but I'm not afraid to trot out old Uncle Karl to give you a good finger-wagging. I'm mostly interested in art, literature, subcultures and everyday life.

Now let's see where this takes me.


Grace said...

my dear, dear, J,
I hope my once-or-twice chastisement wasn't akin to a meaty fist in the face. I don't by any stretch object to lofty ideas (or ideals.) I mean, look, I came over to read this, didn't I? My problem was that I tought you were being poncy by dropping high-falutin' words without context and actually unnecessarily when simpler words would serve just as well. And don't think that I'm taking you to task yet again. God forbid, on the blog you set up in the first place exactly to get away from beligerent throw-backs like myself. I'm just trying to clarify.
~Robin (don't know why it signs my comments Grace)

Jay said...

I couldn't single out any particular individual who was my harshest critic, but just a general reaction whenever I ventured into theoretical territory.

And therein lies the problem: this topic is embedded in my thinking and I needed a venue for it, rather than trying to try to sneak into other blog posts. The results, as you pointed out, were not successful.

And no, you're not a throwback.