Notes on civility.

Citizen: Anglo-Fr. citezein (denizen) - O.Fr. citeain, from cite (city), inhabitant of a country circa 1380s.

City: from L. civitatem (nom. civitas) orig. "citizenship, community of citizens,"

Civil: From the Latin civis - citizen, resident.

Civil Rights: Privileges granted from the state to the citizen, relative to the nation.

If common sense is shared knowledge, and culturally specific, is it also bound by geography? Yes. Community = commune = (the) commons = common. The city, or a political body framed by the urban boundaries, represented by the citizen.

Common, from the Online Etymology Dictionary: "from O.Fr. comun, from L. communis 'in common, public, general, shared by all or many,' from PIE *ko-moin-i- 'held in common.'"

Urban literature - not a historical record but an ideological record, shared ideology.

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